Gift Shop

The Stadium – Gift Shop
While you are enjoying your evening at Meadow Court Stadium, why not pay a visit to our wonderful shop, where you can purchase all manner of gifts. We offer a huge variety of items, including Health and Welfare products, Racing Accessory products, Ornaments, Clothing, Pet Beds, and much more.

Most of the things we sell have a Greyhound orientated theme, making them perfect gifts for anyone who loves the sport!

All proceeds from our shop go towards the Retired Greyhound Trust Fund:
This  means every purchase goes towards helping us find homes for the dogs who have provided us with the thrills of greyhound racing after they retire from the track.

This is a very important service, which we hold very dear to our hearts, and it’s a service which appears to be proving most successful.

We are proud to announce that the Retired Greyhound Trust Fund have recently re-homed their 60th retired greyhound!